As they say on Tumblr, THIS. Or in this case THIS PLUMBER. I can’t even begin to appreciate them enough. I have zip experience in any kind of plumbing, and I didn’t even know where to go when my hot water started coming out cold, and just kept coming out cold. I didn’t even know I needed a plumber, I just Googled my problem (thank God for Google!) and found out my water heater was probably shot. Me being me, I Googled “water heater thinking it was something I picked up at Walmart or something. HAH. When I finally realized what I was getting into, I called these guys for help. I’d heard Simi Valley plumbing was pretty high end and expensive, but these guys came in just under my budget for yearly fixes and I cannot tell you how great that is. Well, I could, but half of you are already asleep by now so I will wrap this up and just say Matt & his crew are the best group of guys I could hope to hire!
--John Knockwood


Two words. Sewer. Roots. And how am I supposed to deal with this, I shouted, red-faced at the plumbers who informed me of the reason my apartment complex’s toilets all backed up at once. The guy, a bored-looking kid with sagging overalls and a serious air of disinterest, informed me that it would be several thousand dollars and weeks of work to dig up the pipes, clean them out, line and replace them, all while my tenants would have to descend on the local fast food joints to use the bathroom. I did not have time, either for his estimate or his attitude, so I looked elsewhere. Thankfully, found a much more professional group of Simi Valley plumbers, who take their job much more seriously and were able to find workarounds so that my tenants could still flush their toilets while they did their work. Great work Matt, you get all the stars the other guy missed out on.
--Mike Denham


Thanks guys for coming out to fix my garbage disposal, but come on time next time, yeah? Made me late for a meeting. Minus one star for time, but four stars for quality and price.
--Jen Webb


If anybody needs to know how many plastic toys can go down a garbage disposal before it’s ruined, the answer is about 25. Not happy that I had to hire a plumber, but I was referred to this guy as the best Simi Valley plumber out there. Him and his gang, anyway. They replaced the disposal, which is great. What’s not great is now I need a therapy referral. My kid likes sending his plastic animals down the drain to the slaughterhouse for some reason…
--Hal Smith


My story’s not that exciting, but suffice it to say I can’t really install a washing machine myself so, thanks for coming out and hooking me up! Pretty fast too, in and out and now I can get started with laundry… oh joy…
--Tony Hobb